Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tributes, Prints, Doodles, Caboodles

Hello Blog, man how do you start these things?

So its been 2 months and its about that time. As usual I have NO structure at all, its storming outside, its 10pm and ive not made dinner, lets do this.

For Starters I finished one of my grouped Earthbound Tributes. I always loved the ghost starman enemy and how it glowed on the outside outline. I wanted the battle to look like an actual battle in the Earthbound gang's robot bodies, while still maintaining that psychedelic look the battles had in game.

Original Game Art

Tribute Piece

Its very disorganized and lots of color, but I enjoy what came of it. There used to be no ground which was way too distracting and you could not seperate the characters from the background. I also took a shorcut and edited one of the Starmans red bolts going through the comet like attack above his head. Poor planning on my part since I wasnt going to have a bunch of effects going on, but I wanted to try something new.

Im doing another Earthbound tribute, cause i swear i have an addiction.... This time of the antagonist Giygas. He is basically this red swirly demon thing, couldnt really tell you much more than that.

However I found myself struggling to get the look I wanted, because i am shooting for a more cloudy look. I almost want his face to be pushing out a shape from a dark red cloud. Of course when it comes to 3D art I have no talent in 2 areas, "Rigging" and "Special Effects" Clouds being Special effects, Im refreshing my college studies and tutorials to try and get things down. Ive put this project on hold, like many others to focus on some commissions I've received, but here is at least a preview.

What to expect from me these upcoming months... How about some new 3D prints? Yes, I have a bundle of unfinished pieces from my last post that Im tweaking like the bottle opener or the missile toe. (Chirstmas is only 227 days away you know!) Mostly because Shapeways has a new colored material Id like to test out. Ive not seen any good comparisons online of their Colored sandstone and coated colored sandstone so i might just make a video and post that! I have a lot of 3D prints being mailed here but that will be a post of its own.

I did see Zootopia, and IT WAS GREAT! I had a friend doing some sort of dark magic called "Cosplay" and I went ahead and made them a Judy Hopps Badge. Made in about 3 hours, cause im a perfectionist I guess.

Just for kicks I did a cartoony self portrait, because as you know, one of the keys to being an internet sensation is having a cartoon self portrait icon! Wikipedia said that so it must be true.


Ok for real this time

I based it off my love for breakfast and favorite shirt from this photo


I have been tinkering with some Luke Gonet original ideas, might be posting some abstract things later. I also have this cat girl character i just cant get out of my head. Thought of her like a year ago but never really fleshed her out until recently. #inBeforeZootopia #CantDraw #CantArt #help

Cant quite find my first sketch of her, but this one above is the 2nd.

keytars for life

Stealing the hearts of her enemies... literally. Why does she need them? I'll tell you later


Most recently I made this sketch which I like the most for sure. More simple eyes, and super powers of course. I picture her doing avatar like stuff with elements. Ideally I want to make her in 3D but #1. I am a terrible rigger, and #2. I just am bad with characters, especially ones that are not hard surface. Id hate to get so far to only stop but i may ask for help down the road, who knows. Most certainly she will be drawn again, next time in high resolution! 

I guess that is all. Just posted as many things that could come to my mind since i always forget to update here! You can follow me at my social networks blah blah Dont forget to tip your waitress and dont miss that new Steven universe episode tomorrow!! YEAAAH!!! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pyramids and Cubes

Sometimes you just tend to shock yourself into a state of, "I haven't touched my blog in ages!"

As of late I am still work on jewelry, which I do indeed plan to share here and on my website when I organize my favorites. There are far too many to upload if I chose them all! For this update Im going to focus more on what art i have made since the last update. 

I was a bit late to the party, but I was inspired to make a christmas ornament as a joke. A Missile Toe! A bit of a play on words, but it was made out of sandstone and will be ready for next holiday, or sooner if you are a Christmas in July type of person! I also made a can opener out of stainless steel in the shape of an Omni-Wrench from Ratchet and Clank, since I cant get enough of those movie trailers and video game tributes. Finally for 3D printing projects, I have a ring. A very simple rocky like ring I felt like making out of randomly places cubes with a comfort fit hole cutout in the middle. There are some things I still want to change for all 3 pieces before i put them on 

The Cartoon Gravity Falls has just ended, and it ended gracefully! I followed that cartoon since I started college. The one eyed illuminati character fascinates me to no end, and after 3 pieces, I feel like i might just make a 4th one! But im putting a pause on that for now, or I'll at least go back to revise the old ones. They are all pretty simple is all.

I've found myself drawn back into Earthbound, and though you may recognize this piece from my previous entry, I have a small series of tributes planned from the finale of the game. The first being The Cave of the Past level that was very wasteland like. 

The video game tributes just keep coming!

Intelligent Qube was a fantastic Puzzle game, and was a verys imple piece to make with it all being blocks. This one was more just for fun rather than a challenge. Soon I will post more updates, but who knows what soon means to me these days. 

Farewell until then! Thank you to those who follow me! 

You can find more of my work at

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bill Cipher

Im now at a spot in my life where I have lots of unfinished projects, and I need to spin around and pick one to finish. This one got a little closer to being finished, but alas is another tribute piece. I have been really sucked into the new Gravity Falls and just love the supernatural being known as Bill Cipher.

As creepy as he is crazy. 

I really do enjoy making things detailed as they are colorful. Even so I can't call this piece finished either. I dont like the transition from his body to his arms, maybe some ambient occlusion will smooth that out? The reflections in his eye is a bit distracting too. The fire is a place holder until I can figure out some more realistic particles. I also want to give his arms and feet a tiny bit of texture, and make the texture on his hat and bow tie more apparent. Im feeling indecisive on how I should make his hat and bow tie look. Do I want it to be satin like and reflective or more cotton like and fuzzy? I hope Alex Hirsch retweets it sometime! 


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Earthbound with rings

So much to share, but nothing quite yet finished. I desperately need to update on here more, which I plan to do soon. I'll be honest, typing on Blogger for my updates is out of the way compared to other social media. Im sorry to say my last update was in January, but I am here now, and i will start it off with a tribute piece in the making.

Tribute Piece

Original Art

Tribute Piece

Original Art

Nintendo's Mother series has spoken to me in ways most games can not. I felt the urge to make some HD re-imagining pictures. Seems to be the only thing I can do to get the art itch out. Ive actually made an entire location from the super nintendo game Earthbound, where all the characters are left in a foggy unknown location. I will share more on that later. I do hope it becomes what I am picturing in the end. All used with maya, mental ray, and photoshop.
Next on the docket is some 3D prints that will be available on my shop later this year, maybe even next month. First off I have a Silver ring inspired by Sir Francis Drake and the Uncharted Series.
I do not have a real life photo as of yet, but it is in my hand. It came out a little this was all. Next I have a bomberman inspired Ash Tray.

 Getting measurements in Maya is always so difficult for me! The actual dips in the ash tray for the cigs to sit on are not the right size, and the colors printed a little off. The fix for the colors should be simple enough. It may even be too much for an ashtray so I may end up redesigning it anyway. Why make something to expensive to produce right? You gotta make it right! 
I have been working on other things with other people, but I don't feel the quality is up to par for my portfolio site. Until the next update please take care, and thank you for reading!

Luke Gonet 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Time flies

Here is a commission project I have worked on for a little while on the side. From the mind of Phil Taylor and others is "The Time Machine" or Impossible Cog if you prefer. 
This is a 3D model, made from nothing more than Maya and Photoshop using Mental Ray. One of my favorite pieces by far! Gears are indeed one of my favorite things, and I don't ever see myself getting tired of them. It really helps to get in the mood by listening to H. G. Wells's The Time Machine on audiobook. This picture is in widescreen, but the final release will be a square album photo. 

On a small side note I have been tinkering with an underground lava factory scene using the same 2 programs. I do love my Oranges and Blues!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Still here!

I have not updated in a while, but this one will be short just to show you I have been working. Basically my computer is dead, saving up for a new one to make more art projects, and I am currently working at a Jewelry store to 3D print and design customer jewelry. I have some non disclosure agreements to follow, but i am allowed to show this one piece of jewelry. I hope to bring more renders to the table but that will have to wait until funds are less tight.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lures and Lance

As of late I have been working at Cast Industries, a fishing lure company! Not too much time for a big blog update, but here is a nice shot of all the lures I have made so far. Click to enlarge...

So what I do is I design the lures in Maya and send it off to a 3D printer. After they are printed in plastic, we press them into silicone to get the master lures made. The silicone spins in a machine and we pour lead into the mold to get the final result. The more you know*

Nothing else to show for now, been busy with some freelance work. I will certainly post them when they are finished and ready. In the meantime, here is a preview of some Naughty Dog tributes I plan to render/3D print