Monday, July 20, 2015

Bill Cipher

Im now at a spot in my life where I have lots of unfinished projects, and I need to spin around and pick one to finish. This one got a little closer to being finished, but alas is another tribute piece. I have been really sucked into the new Gravity Falls and just love the supernatural being known as Bill Cipher.

As creepy as he is crazy. 

I really do enjoy making things detailed as they are colorful. Even so I can't call this piece finished either. I dont like the transition from his body to his arms, maybe some ambient occlusion will smooth that out? The reflections in his eye is a bit distracting too. The fire is a place holder until I can figure out some more realistic particles. I also want to give his arms and feet a tiny bit of texture, and make the texture on his hat and bow tie more apparent. Im feeling indecisive on how I should make his hat and bow tie look. Do I want it to be satin like and reflective or more cotton like and fuzzy? I hope Alex Hirsch retweets it sometime! 


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